Come join us for our 35th Birthday Weekend. 35 hours of celebrations for 35 years. With alumni sharing stories, we will reflect on what brought us here and what the next 35 years holds. Featuring eight events crafted lovingly from the many hands of our staff, partners and local independent artists. We can't wait to share these events with you. Read More
We welcome applications from artists who are looking to challenge themselves and their form, explore new territory, grow their skills, diversify participation in the arts, and open up conversations with fresh perspectives and experiences. Artists and companies whose work is selected to be produced during the year are offered unparalleled support across all aspects of their production. Read More
In partnership with Centre for Stories & Performing Lines, a cohort of literary legends and budding theatre makers will showcase stories inspired by The Blue Room Theatre’s beloved history spanning 35 years. Poets, storytellers, and multi-form artists will develop short works that will reflect on seasons gone by. Come celebrate with us! Read More
Raagas, Shakespeare & Everything in Between reflects upon Shakespeare’s timeless words through the lens of Classical Indian Raagas. A journey through text, music & dance in pursuit of deeper meaning, deeper emotion & new experience of the ancient classics. Is there a Juliet in Raaga Khamaj? Was Romeo lost in a moment of Jaijaivanti? Read More
Join Macy as she strolls through cherished memories and reflects on a life well lived. Smells Like You is a dementia-friendly performance blending puppetry & music. Through the smells that underscore Macy’s life, we are given an insight into her inner world; full of colour, tone & depth that make the kaleidoscopic view of the world she has priceless. Read More
Immerse in migration's poignant tales, melodies, and cultural vibrancy. EAPS – New Home: a soul-stirring journey through African storytelling. Inspired by traditional story circles, this transcendent experience has no beginning or end, embracing migration, identity, and cultural resilience. Authentic. Intimate. Unforgettable. Read More
ASK tells tales of a family’s good and bad behaviours as they struggle with their inner turmoil. What will the cost be when an old and mischievous Tree Spirit answers their calls for help? ASK moves across time space realms of a family’s past and present, looking to the future – the realms magical and recognizable and at other times magical and absurd. Read More

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The Blue Room Theatre stands on the lands of the Noongar peoples of the Bibbulmun Nation. We acknowledge Elders past, present and emerging, and pay our respects to the continuing culture and contribution that all First Nations people make to the life of this city and this region.