Our Short Works Program, 600 SECONDS will return to Summer Nights in 2024! Read More
You know the rules. Boy meets girl. They go on a date. Fall in love. Hit a slight speed bump. Work it out. And then live happily ever after. Everything moving easily into place Read More
Much Stuff is a confessional of the rude and crude parts of being a human who is perhaps a little too sensitive- served with a side of dexies and awful cramps. Read More
Improv RPG is back! Over four nights they’ll be bringing you daring heroics, toe-tapping showtunes, femme fatales, bucket loads of puns, and more dice rolls than you could ever imagine. Read More
Four teenagers wrestle with how to make a difference, what constitutes democratic process… and whether, or not, to blow up a pipeline. Read More
Watch the official trailer Read More
Crafted lovingly from the many hands of local independent artists Read More

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