Presented by APK Productions



27 Jan–5 Feb

  • AGES



black futures, old hopes

In a country fighting for independence, a white man is trapped in a black family’s house without their knowledge. As time passes, strange sounds and a stubborn stench fill the house. The family wonders if they are living with ghosts, but something more sinister is at play.

This debut play, from playwright-to-watch Tinashe Jakwa, is a fresh and exciting exploration of how to overcome the past. The show journeys into the joys and pains of navigating racial divisions in a biting and humorous way.

With a fresh spin on telling stories about difficult moments in history and presented by APK Productions, the show is for everyone who wants to build a better future.

Image by Andrea Lim

  • Writer

    Tinashe Jakwa

  • Producer

    Amber Kitney

  • Director

    Laura Liu

  • Performer

    Malek Domkoc
    Astrid Tshidibu
    David Vikman
    Delicia Cooper

  • Sound Designer

    Azariah Felton

  • Props & Scenery Designer

    Finn Forde

  • Lighting Designer

    Matthew Erren

  • Dramaturg

    Julian Hobba

  • Stage Manager

    Sophia Morgan