Presented by Rhiannon Petersen

The Jellyman

Ground Up 06 - The Jellyman

26 July, 31 July, 3 August


    $15 inc. booking fee
  • TIME


    50 Mins
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Fragmented feast of gender fuckery.

The not particularly unfortunate or untimely demise of Jerry Hatrick – a crotchety old shit bag of a man who is being haunted by the ghost of his dead wife. A genre-melding, visually inventive desert mirage composed of puppetry, drag and party store props, which investigates and fragments notions of power and identity.

As part of the Ground Up program in Winter Nights 2019




Image Ryan Sandilands
  • Creator/Performer

    Rhiannon Petersen

  • Dramaturgy

    Alexa Taylor

  • Collaborator

    Jessica Harlond-Kenny

  • Collaborator

    Andrew Sutherland

  • Co-Visual Designer

    Jesse Wood