Presented by 3RD SPACE


ASK 1 - Annual Season - Cole Baxter credit 2

12 - 23 November

  • AGES

    All Ages

    Approx. 60 mins

    Tuesday, November 12

    Wednesday, November 13

    Thursday, November 14

Ask to receive, then pay the fee.

ASK shares a series of tales of a family’s good and bad behaviours, both deliberate and unintentional, the exchange of asking for a change in them, and the costs connected with this across different time and space realms – magical and recognizable and at other times magical and absurd.  

In present, one tale looks at estranged and fragmented siblings, each struggling with their own inner turmoil, while in the magical elemental world of balance, Mother Nature doesn’t like anything to suffer, and an old and mischievous Tree Spirit springs into action to answer the humanly calls for help, wanting to leave a leafy legacy. 

Everyone must pay a fee if the family is to remain together. As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. There’s always a price to pay and a balance to be met. 

Photography by Cole Baxter, Video by Edwin Sitt, Music - Rumble by Ayuba SOQS (ft. Kuda Mic)
  • Producer / Writer / Director

    Barbara Hostalek

  • Movement / Dance / Director

    Janine Oxenham

  • Actor / Tree Spirit / Music + Sound

    Taj Pigram

  • Actor / Mickey (Younger Brother)

    Oliver Hughes

  • Actor / Felecia (Sister)

    Leah Pigram