The Blue Room Theatre Board and staff are pleased to share a significant important new public commitment to strive towards greater equity and justice in our organisation. Our Equity and Justice Pledge commits us to ensuring that we accurately reflect and celebrate our Western Australia community, not only through the artistic work we present, but in all areas of our organisation.

We are sharing this as a public pledge because we want you to hold us accountable to it. This commitment is more than just talk. This pledge marks the beginning of a focused journey for The Blue Room as an organisation and a community to not just imagine better, but to do the work to be better.

To hear the pledge spoken by our Board and staff in full, click on the video above.

Click here to read our Equity and Justice Pledge

We have already started the work by creating and meeting with our Equity and Justice Working Group. The group is made up of industry professionals: Phebe Cho, Jay Emmanuel, Joe Lui, Melanie Julien-Martial, Ian Michael, Ellie Murray-Yong, Crystal Nguyen and Meelee Soorkia.

The Equity and Justice Working group is meeting once a month. It is already supporting and advising our Board to set strategic goals that will guide The Blue Room Theatre over the next three years. From this framework, our staff will create an Equity Action Plan to increase equity and justice in all areas.

This is an exciting and important next step for The Blue Room Theatre. We look forward to continuing our equity and justice work with our membership and community.

Art by Charlie Yong

Video by Edwin Sitt

Music written & composed by Joe Lui