The generosity of our donors allows us to continue to be as accessible as possible and give high levels of support to independent artists. Without the folks below, our 2022 Annual Season and 2023 Summer Nights would not have been possible!

Thank you to our Giving Circle who raised $28,500 to support the 2022 Season

Andrew Baker & Rowan Marshall
Anonymous x 9
John Foster
Kevin Della Bosca
Ian Gay
Linda Savage & Stephen Davis
Nerida Maclean
Philip Dundas
Shane Colquhoun & Leigh Cathcart
Kate Chaney
S and M Glasson
Liesbeth Goedhart

If you’re interested in joining our Giving Circle, or finding our more, see here.

Make Summer Nights a Success in 2023

Thank you to our major donors Ian & Jill Green, who matched donations and brought our total donations for this campaign to $31,330, allowing us to program our beloved Summer Nights festival again in 2023.

Matched Funding Major Donors
Ian and Jill Green

Sue McDonald
Clair & Chris Shenton
Mark Hateley
Willoughby Park Wines

Emily McLean
Timothy Green
Monica Kane
Arielle Gray
Sally Martin
Bernard Mearns
Libby Klysz
Sam Nerida
Liesbeth Goedhart
Peter Conquest
David Ryding
Natalie Jenkins

Alexa Taylor
Ariane Beyer
Gina Thompson
Caroline Wood
Karen Connolly
Bernard Mearns
Veronica Clarke
Nic Ciffolilli
Linda Watson
Peter Kift

Thanks to all 60 donors for giving up to $100!

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Feature Image: Patrons at Summer Nights 2022 shot by Sophie Minissale