Our Community Engagement programming supports the participation of young people in creative self-expression activities, storytelling/theatre experiences, and social young peer-to-peer and intergenerational connections and understanding.

We aim to increase access to the arts by providing subsidized tickets to some of our Annual Season programmed shows, and work in collaboration with local social service-based organisations to co-design the program and engage its participants.



Current Engagements

Watch this space for future updates

Frequently Asked Questions

An open rehearsal is a live rehearsal of a performance which allows an audience to get a glimpse into the process behind the show. Witness the working of theatre-making where actors, directors and designers are practicing and workshopping the performance.

You’ll join a behind the scenes tour of The Blue Room Theatre, meet a group of young people that also like the arts, watch rehearsals in process, and participate in interactive workshops led by our artists where you can ask the artists questions about the show and their work. We provide yummy snacks based on your dietary requirements, and you’ll also get free show tickets for you and a plus one!

Alex and Evie and the Forever Falling Rain

Evie just moved to a place where it’s always raining. It’s rained every minute of every day of every year, forever. But this year, before her 10th birthday, Evie decides she’s going to stop the rain. And then Alex arrives at her door.

Salted Pretzels

You know the rules. Boy meets girl. They go on a date. Fall in love. Hit a slight speed bump. Work it out. And then live happily ever after. Everything moving easily into place. Turns out, real life isn’t a rom-com and love isn’t always enough to keep things on the straight and narrow.


Upcoming Engagements

Join us for a fascinating look inside our theatre’s front and back-of-house areas, including our performance spaces, and dressing rooms, and even the chance to step out onto the stage and take in the view from the performers’ point of view. Follow the artists’ path from original ideas to public performance and learn about the history of our building, current programmes, and Equity & Justice work. All tours are free during 2023 and go from 45 minutes to an hour depending on group size and venue availability.

Booking Requirements

In order to make a private tour booking, we require a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25 people as part of the group. All booking requests are subject to the availability of rehearsal rooms, performance spaces and staff on the day. Please allow a few business days for your request to be processed.

Get in Touch!

Interested in experiencing our tours with a group of friends or family, your community group, or social/sports clubs? Register your interest by sending an email to joel@blueroom.org.au or calling (08) 9227 7005 Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.


Past Engagements

During 2023, a group of up to twenty young people from underrepresented communities will connect with each other and experience a behind the scenes look at the process and final performance/matinee pf three of The Blue Room Theatre productions during July to October 2023.

Each engagement will include two sessions:

  • A meet and greet with each other, a venue tour of TBRT and attendance at an open rehearsal of a production, including a meeting with the artists.
  • Attendance at an evening performance or matinee of the production plus a second meeting with the artists post-performance.

Applications open Oct 2023

10 young people from First Nations and CaLD backgrounds (15-18 years of age) will experience our live performance festival, Summer Nights 2024. You will have the opportunity to get involved in theatre through awesome activities such as watching theatre shows, participating in creative workshops to develop your ideas for stage and meet some incredible artists at The Blue Room Theatre.

To participate you must:

  • Identify as being either First Nations or Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD)
  • Be a high school student aged between 15-18 years
  • Have an interest in theatre making
  • Be committed to attending the sessions as scheduled

* Dates: approx. 20 January – 10 February 2024

TBRT is committed to improving the representation of First Nations and CaLD people under its Equity and Justice Action Plan. This opportunity is offered in accordance with section 51 of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984.