Presented by Rhiannon Petersen

The Jellyman

The Jellyman

19 May - 6 Jun

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    60 Mins
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Surreal mirage of gender fuckery

Due to COVID-19 this production has been postponed. We hope to bring it to our stages at a later date. Please view our online brochure here.

Jerry is a complicated man. He’s a bit like a lump of something stuck in your throat – reasonably uncomfortable and difficult to swallow. He’s also a character performed by Rhiannon. A party store Prometheus, created using stuff you can buy at Spotlight.

Rhiannon is a gentle, existential woman. Really she just wants to make fun and ludicrous art while also giving a cheeky finger to the oppressive constructs that restrict us. She would also (literally) be difficult to swallow.

Monsters, microbes and feminism unite to orchestrate the not particularly unfortunate or untimely (and likely sweaty) demise of Jerry Hatrick. Identity is deconstructed and put back together, using velcro and sticky tape, in this surreal meditation on our ability to create and destroy selves.

Plus like, dick jokes.

Image: Duncan Wright

Warning: Adult concepts
  • Writer, Performer, Set Designer

    Rhiannon Petersen

  • Director

    Samantha Nerida

  • Dramaturg

    Alexa Taylor

  • Puppetry and Visual Theatre Mentor

    Jessica Harlond-Kenny

  • Costume Designer

    Clare Testoni

  • Sound Designer

    Joe Lui

  • AV Designer

    Michelle Aitken

  • Stage Manager

    Georgia Smith

  • Producer

    Melanie Julien-Martial

  • Publicist

    Sian Murphy