Presented by Rhiannon Petersen

The Jellyman

The Jellyman

27 October – 7 November

  • AGES


    50 Mins

    Tue 27 October

Men, monsters, microbes + mayhem

Jerry Hatrick is a complicated man. He’s full of opinions and garbage and is so very sure that he’s right and worth listening to. He also looks a lot like Rhiannon Petersen; a party store Prometheus, created with stuff you can buy at Spotlight.

Rhiannon is a gentle, existential woman. Really she just wants to make fun + ludicrous art while also giving a cheeky finger to the oppressive constructs that restrict us. She is also full of opinions, but also contradictions, and will maybe tell you a story about her damaged butt muscle.

Monsters, microbes and inflatable wind puppets unite in this demise of certainty, as Rhiannon + Jerry’s identities are deconstructed and put back together. Expect lip syncs, re-mixes, and dumb jokes, in this surreal meditation on the fragments that build us into who we are.

Image: Duncan Wright

Warning: Adult concepts
  • Writer, Performer, Set Designer

    Rhiannon Petersen

  • Director

    Sam Nerida

  • Performer

    James McMillan

  • Dramaturg

    Alexa Taylor

  • Puppetry and Visual Theatre Mentor

    Jessica Harlond-Kenny

  • Costume Designer

    Nicole Marrington

  • Sound Designer

    Joe Lui

  • AV Illustrator

    Michelle Aitken

  • Lighting Designer

    Lucy Birkinshaw

  • Stage Manager

    Sally Davies

  • Producer

    Melanie Julien-Martial

  • Publicist

    Sian Murphy