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The Blue Room Theatre’s Annual Season presents thirteen local works spanning theatre, dance and a musical – taking audiences on a wild ride traversing inner and outer worlds.

This year, expect more dance, more dreams and more adventure. With a program packed full of high stakes and higher hopes, audiences are invited to journey together through what it means to experience live independent performance in Boorloo in 2022.

Find a family drama in a bunker amidst a nuclear apocalypse, pole dance through chronic illness and healing, and laugh inappropriately in a Chekhovian dinner party that leads to a dungeon

The first two shows of the year have been released prior to the full program launch, as a teaser of what’s to come. Kicking off the season, award-winning ex-showgirl Kaitlin Tinker presents her debut show EARTHSIDE, which recounts a tale of birth trauma that is not unlike Ellen Ripley’s escape from the Nostromo. In an absurd exploration of ambivalence, five women dance and melt together around a moist chocolate in Montserrat Heras’ Spectrums of Chocolate Cake.

In 2022, the venue is drawing in new audiences. In a first time partnership with AWESOME Festival, kids of all ages are invited aboard a kaleidoscopic flight in Dreams of a Lonely Planet as part of AWESOME Festival in October. A new collaboration with EARTHSIDE and organisation Mother-Baby Nurture sees parents of all genders and their babies welcomed to a relaxed matinee of the show, followed by a morning tea and chats in the venue’s bar.

Two highlights from Summer Nights 2022 will make a return later in the year, levelled up and ready to wow returning and fresh audiences. In the punk rock musical, 107, teen girls wait for the school bus while lashing out their deepest feelings. Utopia, Amir Musavi’s debut Australian work, presents unreliable accounts of war-torn lands, told in jarring fragments.

Program Manager Rose Kingdom-Barron couldn’t be more excited for the venue to be alive and buzzing with shows again:

“In a time where it feels like there are twists and turns at every corner, it is a privilege to cast our gaze forward to a whole year of stories that nudge us to embrace the ride over the destination. Whether it’s red sand deserts, the high seas, out of space, the space between moments, smashing down bowling pins, the establishment or being bounced around the public health system – these stories are full of movement. They do not sit still, and they cannot be contained.”

Running from April to December, the full program is on sale from Thursday 7 April.

See the website for further information and tickets:

And with so much still to come from The Blue Room Theatre, why not consider grabbing a Multi Show Pass. Discounted packs of four, eight and twelve shows are available. Because the only thing better than seeing a show at The Blue Room Theatre is seeing a whole lot of shows at The Blue Room Theatre.

EARTHSIDE | Acid Tongue | 21 Apr – 7 May

Kaitlin Tinker assumes the form of sci-fi action heroine Ellen Ripley in EARTHSIDE as she draws parallels to her experience of giving birth to Ripley’s deadly mission. A darkly funny and brutally honest play on step-parenting, c-sections and all things that eat us inside out.

Spectrums of Chocolate Cake | HERA-S Productions | 3 – 21 May

Five women dance circles around a cake. Its icing is moist under the stage lights. Explore the tensions found within our own contradictory feelings through the unrestrained freedom of dance.

SIT! Or I’ll Make You Sit | Morgan Owen | 17 May – 4 Jun

Blair is nervous about Ainsley meeting her ex (who happens to be a man!). And Chekov, the dog, watches from the side. A pitch dark rom-com that satirises power dynamics and attachment styles.

MOODY | Fonder Physical Theatre | 7 – 18 Jun

MOODY is a dizzying tour of the peaks and valleys of mood instability and a romantic partnership’s ever- shifting internal landscapes. This dreamlike duet captures the indescribable nature of our emotions and what to do with them when someone’s looking.

Pull the Pin | Just Friends Theatre Company | 14 Jun – 2 Jul

Stakes are high asthe ‘Old Hags’ are bent onwinning the Mid-Year Tenpin Bowling Championship. But will hot flushes, bad knees, and nagging kids get in the way?

WALK | Bobby Russell | 14 – 30 Jul

A shimmering battle fatigued shapeshifter, journeying across two spaces to find a hero to the story. A site-specific dance theatre adventure designed to engage your imagination and sense of wonder.

Trust Me, It’s the End of Our World After All | Beyond the Yard | 16 Aug – 3 Sept

Aweb of lies between three siblings are blown apart in the wake of a nuclear apocalypse. The lines of truth are blurred in this high-stakes family drama.

Dreams of a Lonely Planet | Flying Bicycle Collective | 20 Sep – 1 Oct

A surreal kaleidoscope of whimsical vignettes, Dreams of a Lonely Planet is an enchanting serenade about finding a place where you belong.

Homeward Bound | Lazy Yarns | 4 – 22 Oct

A lone astronaut wakes up to find he is far from Earth. Amidst rations running low and an insurmountable distance, Homeward Bound is about the seemingly impossible journey towards home.

You’re So Brave | Georgi Ivers | 18 – 29 Oct

An autobiography of 21-year-old Georgi as she navigates chronic illness, healing, impermanence and pole dancing while living in Hong Kong.

107 | Socks & Sandals | 1 – 12 Nov

A fun and fierce homegrown punk rock musical set at a bus stop on one summer morning. Join four girls as they jump on board the angsty peak hour ride down the highway of friendship.

Utopia | Tamsilgaran | 8 – 19 Nov

Utopia is a raw and thrilling expression from a young Afghani man watching horrors unfold in his homelands and across the globe.

SAND | Desert Wirla | 22 Nov – 10 Dec

An Afghan Cameleer and a Yamatji man follow a trail of betrayal and murder that leads them to the tree of eternal knowledge, tasked to spread peace across the desert.

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