rebirth, written by Dr Tinashe Jakwa, is a play that centres around a family living through a period of colonisation, it is a period of oppression, pain, and oppression. These are the main reasons for the content warning involved with rebirth, mentions of war, death, coarse language/racial slurs, and sexual assault, these are the effects of colonisation.

One warning I would like to expand on is the sexual assault scene, it was written to be staged with two actors, but to protect the mental health of our audience members, cast and crew we have decided to take a gentler approach to the depiction of this scene.

The scene occurs halfway through the play, and rather than staging the scene with bodies on stage, we have replaced it with a voice acted segment accompanied by dimmed lighting. During this short scene, you will hear a conversation between the characters Adam and Victoria played out over the speakers, where Adam tells Victoria that she reminds him of a past partner. There are no actors on stage, just audio. I believe this would be able to convey the same impact of the scene, while hopefully lessening the likelihood of it triggering audience members.

Still, if the scene is still triggering for you, please feel free to cover your ears during the audio (we will not be offended), or feel free to leave the space, grab some water from the bar or some fresh air on the balcony.

Take care,

Jefferson Nguyen (Director)