Presented by Michele Gould


107_Web 1

27 Jan–5 Feb

  • AGES



Best years of our lives

The “quiet girl”, running away from her “tiger mum”. The “popular girl”, and her “bitch” reputation. The “rebel”, angry at life but deep down a total queer softie. And the “theatre nerd”, grappling with a complex relationship to privilege. Four students, four girls of colour, four young people just trying to get through high school and figure out their place in the world.

Pop in your Airpods and jump on board for a punk rock musical journey like no other! Developed with Antipodes Theatre Company as part of their 2021 Winter Lab, 107 is the all new production presented by Michele Gould and it’s fun, feminist and fierce as hell. Think The Breakfast Club meets Spring Awakening but… with a little extra spice.

107 flips stereotypes on their heads as it celebrates the resilience of our youth, and explores if being a “bitch” can sometimes be a person’s greatest power… all set to a killer brand new soundtrack guaranteed to be stuck in your head all summer.

Image by Andrea Lim

This show includes coarse language and smoking on stage. It also deals with themes relating to racism, sexism, toxic masculinity. There are references to sexual violence, mental illness and self-harm.
  • Writer & Composer

    Michele Gould

  • Director

    Daley Rangi

  • Producer

    Ariane Katscherian

  • Performer

    Jenny Guigayoma
    Lukas Perez
    Paris Leveque
    Ruby Short

  • Stage Manager

    Nitya Ganesh

  • Lighting Designer

    Katrina Johnston