Presented by The Blue Room Theatre


Late night lock in

7 - 11 Feb

  • AGES


    Approx. 70min

Late night lock in

Like your local Snap Fitness, we’re going (almost) 24 hours here at Summer Nights. For those that like to work out late, catch our brand-new short works program curated and trained by the infamous Ash Baroque. From club-style spots such as drag and cabaret, performance art, to comedy bits, these five experimental works are resultsguaranteed latenight fun.   


Imaginary Sounds by BLUE/ROUGE
A performance piece and original soundscape. BLUE/ROUGE produce the visceral experience of what it’s like to be trapped inside your head.

Step On All The Men by Hot Blonde Slut
Low budget. Mediocre performances. A dildo the size of Boorloo’s Bell Tower. Witness Hot Blonde Slut’s sensational, insatiable, reimagining of Attack Of The 50-Foot Woman.
Team: Hot Blonde Slut and Molly Earnshaw

The State by Marli Jupiter & Rhi Bryan
Of this nation This State’s the best. Of Daddy’s rules we don’t protest! Kings and puppets send up Aussie nationalism in this campified political satire.
Team: Marli Jupiter, Rhi Bryan, Holland Brooks,  Lara Pollard, Jo Cooper & Leisl Lucerne-Knight with thanks to Michele Lucerne

Uncanny (V)ally by Matt Aitken
On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog… or maybe this life is all a meme. Maybe you’re the Ooga Chucka Ally McBeal 1997 dancing baby thing. TLDR; Big Internet healing energy
Team: Matt Aitken

Nagini – The Serpent Legend by Danisa Snake
Deep in the deserts of a desolate continent… the Nagini was born. Bear witness as the being writhes, slithers and strikes as in perfect serpentine form.
Team: Danisa Snake and Jarrad Levy

About 600 SECONDS

After some time off, Boorloo’s favourite short works program, 600 SECONDS, will return to Summer Nights in 2023! This training ground for performance will put makers through their paces to create and present a 10-minute piece. There are three (training) programs to choose from: storytelling and theatre in HIIT, dance with MOVEMOVEMOVE, and experimental anything and everything in between late-night spots in AFTER HOURS. Take your pick or try all three. 

Image by Nicolee Fox

Show contains nudity, coarse language, stylised violence depicting abuse and strong scents, smoke & strobe lighting.
  • Curator and Mentor

    Ash Baroque