Presented by The Blue Room Theatre



31 Jan - 3 Feb

  • AGES


    Approx 60 mins

    Pulsing light, coarse language, partial nudity, stylised violence, sustained strobe lighting, loud screams

Spirited storytelling and live performance

Unveiling the short stories of local WA theatre artists as they dive into the kernel of an idea to deliver a brand new 10-minute work. Curated and mentored by the extraordinary Ofa Fotu, get fascinated by the depths these five short works go to uncover the spirit of connectedness.  

S.H.A.R.K by Lucy Wong, Clea Purkis, Delaney Burke
SUPER HOT AND REALLY KOOL …. Think hot sand, girls in bikinis, and something monstrous lurking beneath the waves … S.H.A.R.K. in theaters this Summer, 2005 

Draw a Line by Izy Nguyen, Renee Russo & Laverne Moi
Synergising dance, animation and music to illustrate emotional boundaries of the human spirit. This non-linear work explores limitations and unknown possibilities through absolute audio-visual synchronicity. 
Team: Izy Nguyen, Renee Russo, Laverne Moi & Aref Rashidan

All the Times I Should Have/ All the Times You Could Have by Jaimee Whirledge and Anja Starkiss
Am I made up of almosts and echoes, or actions? Two people stand in a space stitched together by every almost and reflect on what could have been.   

Courier by Piers MacKenzie
Through his own personal experience as a Deliveroo cyclist, Piers MacKenzie unveils the stories, people, and places he encounters. A delivery gig like no other awaits.
Team: Piers MacKenzie, Teresa Izzard, Samuel Addison

Your Blood Isn’t Better Than Mine by Lea Šimić
Večeras je naša fešta. Today is our celebration, so dance, dance, dance. Dance until your body is full of life and rakija. But you must still find a way to survive.
Team: Lea Šimić, Ben Canute, Fletcher Scully

More on the Mentor:

Ofa Fotu

Ofa Fotu has been working as an artist and creative professional for the past 15 years. In order to survive and thrive within her career locally, nationally and internationally, she has fulfilled varying roles including; Front woman and vocalist of multiple nationally nominated & WAM award winning soul outfit “Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics”. Collaborator and Ensemble Performer (singing, dancing, acting, physical performer) of internationally acclaimed, Green Room and Helpmann award winning theatre production, “Hot Brown Honey”. Events Manager, Arts Manager, Consultant, Guest Programmer and Musical Director for local councils such as City of Vincent, City of Fremantle, City of Swan, City of Joondalup.

“Whether on stage or behind the scenes, I’ve accumulated a vast and rich currency of experience. Success in the Arts Industry not only requires talent but, resilience, being commercially savvy, and the continual professional development in as many general areas crossing disciplines and platforms as possible. I would love to share my knowledge and experience with those keen to learn and upskill in the industry.” 

Image by Cole Baxter