Presented by The Blue Room Theatre

900 Seconds (of Movement)

Move Move Move_900 Seconds Campaign 59

27 Jan - 30 Jan


    The Blue Room Theatre
  • TIME


    80 MINS

Curated by Bernadette Lewis

900 seconds of anything goes. This year, everyone’s favourite short works program returns with 50% more seconds! Across three weeks, artists will respond to their curator and mentor’s provocation, with each week presenting a new slate of works.

The second week of 900 Seconds is curated and mentored by dancer/choreographer extraordinaire Bernadette Lewis, with a focus on works with a strong physical current and cross-collaborative process.

Reimagined by Giorgia Schijf
An improvised synthesis of dance, music, and visual art; a conversation lost in imagination. You are invited to create your own stories inspired by this ever-evolving artistic exchange.

Fake Empire by Samuel Bruce
A poetic musing delving into the fiction that we form about ourselves and others in contemporary times. An encouragement to reflect on ideas of comparison, self-fulfillment, and human connection.

Oy Vey by May Greenberg
A potential remedy for human stupidity is a dose of humility.

Swan Twink (Pas De Youth) by Andrew Sutherland
When I was 18 I used to pass myself off as the actor from the film Billy Elliott all grown up to get free drinks at gay bars. Now, entering my 30s, I take a desperate pivot into classical ballet. Part-autobiographical performance, part-dance class, this is a dying swan song to youth and the illusion of perfection.

Set Unset by Mitch Spadaro
An exploration of scores, states and following impulse. Set Unset studies the scope of improvised process.

Image: Duncan Wright & Ryan Sandilands