Presented by Red Ryder Productions

A Doll’s House, Part 2 by Lucas Hnath

Dolls House 1 - Annual Season - Cole Baxter credit

11 - 29 June

  • AGES


    Approx. 90 mins

    Tuesday, June 11

    Wednesday, June 12

    Thursday, June 13

Rule-breaker. Game-changer. Freedom-fighter.

She’s back!

15 years ago Nora walked out, slamming the door on her family and every expectation of what a woman could do and be.

15 years. Not a word.

Nora went on to become a legend, one of the most iconic creations in literature.

Today, after a shocking discovery, she’s back, and she’s demanding to be let in.

Red Ryder, the team behind the sell-outs Grounded and The Wolves, bring you a salty, modern imagining of what happened next to that famous figure from Ibsen’s 1879 classic A Doll’s House. A razor-sharp, frequently hilarious sequel, of sorts.

‘How on earth do you follow up Ibsen’s masterpiece? Exactly like this. Lucas Hnath’s audacious sequel is nothing less than essential viewing’ – The Telegraph ★★★★★

Photography by Cole Baxter
  • Director

    Emily McLean

  • Producer

    Red Ryder Productions

  • Cast

    Alison van Reeken
    Julia Moody
    ‘Ana Ika
    Maitland Schnaars

  • Set Design

    Red Ryder Productions

  • Lighting Designer

    Karen Cook

  • Composer and Sound Designer

    Jess Nyanda Moyle

  • Stage Manager

    Catherine O'Donoghue

  • Costume Design

    Fiona Bruce