Presented by FUGUE

Brute & Brut


18 – 20 August

Listen closely

Brute & Brut is an investigation into sexuality and space; how environment informs behaviour and identity. It is an immersive promenade theatre experience presented in collaboration with Alex Turner using binaural sound, submerging audience into a visceral interpretation of a mind reaching liberation.

As part of the Creative Development program at Winter Nights 2020.

This project will present a first stage development as part of Winter Nights. The location will be revealed to ticket holders two days prior to the event – it is located within 2.5kms of the CBD and there is free parking on site.

This performance involves walking slowly for 30-45 minutes over different kinds of surfaces including concrete and grass. It is largely self-guided as prompted by the audio, so pathways can be flexibly determined by the user to suit their own needs. There are several areas where people can sit, stop and rest. Unfortunately at this stage of the development, this performance is not wheelchair accessible. There is an audio track available for pre-download and access to a written transcript on request. If you have accessibility requirements please contact The Blue Room Theatre.

What is your development/work about and what happens?

Step away from reality into the surreal night of the amusement park beat. Brute & Brut is an investigation into space and sexuality; how environment informs behaviour and identity. An immersive sound experience submerges the audience into a visceral interpretation of a mind reaching liberation.

How are you developing your work?

A series of interviews are at the centre of the project, documenting the stories and experiences of cruising culture in Perth. A dedicated website brings audience into this research and provides an opportunity to interact and keep up to date with the work as we progress towards a public trial of it.

What are you excited about in this project, and what are you hoping to get out of it?

Using binaural sound, we’ll be experimenting with building a transient space around the listener that acts as an all-consuming stage as they walk. We are wanting to create an almost labyrinth like experience that toys with how we perceive the public domain and the seemingly taboo.

What are you exploring?

Now more than ever there is great importance in the role of queer spaces. Born from both a necessity, as sanctuaries for self-acceptance and expression, and as a realm of potential – these spaces salvage hope, provide alternate perspectives and build future visions, an important notion in testing times.

What is your audience going to experience?

Personal devices will playfully push their owners through an exploration of our public space; collectively plugging in they embark on a communal act of deviation. As the action folds in and around the listener, a euphoric three-dimensional sound sensation is created, a window into the unknown.

Who is in your team or involved, and what is their role?

James McMillan – Lead Creative
Sam Nerida – Dramaturg
Alex Turner – Sound Designer

A creative development as part of Winter Nights 2020
Supported by Minderoo Foundation

Image of James McMillan. Shot by Duncan Wright