Presented by Bernadette Lewis & Daisy Sanders

Dancing with Everything

Conversations 02 Bernie and Daisy

4 August

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    A live stream of this conversation will happen on The Blue Room Theatre Facebook page

    A podcast of the conversation will be released on 11 August, it'll be available through iTunes Podcasts and Spotify
Live Stream

Moving through space

A conversation between Bernadette Lewis and Daisy Sanders about what dancing is and who can dance. A seemingly epic endeavour, they will hone in on specific aspects and questions through the lens of Daisy’s personal and professional experience.

Podcast available now on iTunes and Spotify

What is your conversation about and what happens?

Dancing with Everything is a podcast conversation about dance and how everyone can discover ways to listen to, use and nourish their bodies through movement. It is also about how Daisy used dancing to help her during a long experience of illness and the isolation caused by Covid-19.

How are you developing your conversation?

First we get together and we dance! While dancing we collect thoughts and realisations and allow them to develop through dance and dialogue. If we get confused or find new questions, we stop talking and dance again. In this way our research and the structure of our conversation will be born of bodily knowledge.

What are you excited about in this project, and what are you hoping to get out of it?

We are excited to put into words and share with a broader audience how we do and think about dancing. We hope that, by providing this window into our particular way of considering and pursuing dance, new conversations with artists of all disciplines will emerge.

What are you exploring?

We’re exploring why dance is accessible, important and powerful. We’re investigating how dance has led to healing for Daisy and a responsive online project Women Distance Dancing during Covid-19. Why? To share our pleasure and passion for dance as something that is everywhere and everything.

What will we experience?

Two dancers having a detailed, accessible and enthusiastic chat! There’ll also be some tiny, immediate suggestions for listeners to dance ‘with’ us as we speak. We hope that listeners may be a little changed, invigorated, more comfortable and/or creative in their bodies.

Who is in your team or involved, and what is their role?

Bernadette Lewis and Daisy Sanders, both Perth based dance artists, will collaboratively chat and move their way through their first ever podcast. We hope you join us!


A conversation, mentored by Andrea Gibbs, as part of Winter Nights 2020
Supported by Minderoo Foundation

Image of Daisy Sanders. Shot by Duncan Wright