Presented by The And Theatre

Dead End

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23 - 27 January

  • AGES


    50 mins

    Adult themes including violence, coarse language and drug use, strobe lighting, loud noises and use of smoke/haze

Events that affect entire nations can dissect souls

Every day, people are faced with choices, but sometimes, a single decision can determine the value of our lives and the path we take… This performance showcases the journey of finding a way out of an internal impasse, interpreted through the lens of surrealism. The work is a testament to the power of movement and visual storytelling, delving into the subconscious of individuals going through crisis, creating a dreamlike atmosphere.  

Comprised of culturally diverse performers and crew from Australia and Ukraine, The And Theatre premieres its work, Dead End, at The Blue Room Theatre’s Summer Nights 2024 festival in their Australian debut. 

The company began their journey in theatrical arts at the Beautiful Flowers Theatre (2011) and the Nafta Theatre (2018) in Ukraine. Since then, they have gained recognition from Ukrainian audiences and have been awarded in many international theatre festivals across Europe and South America, such as “JULA” in Munich, Germany, and “FIA” in Costa Rica. 

Their projects are a synergy of classical and experimental theatrical forms and techniques, with a preference for non-verbal theatre. 

Image by Pavlo Aldoshyn
  • Performer

    Anna Chmelova

  • Producer/Director/Performer

    Dennis Chmelov

  • Producer

    Samantha Hortin

  • Sound Designer

    Anton Malyshev
    Dennis Chmelov

  • Lighting Designer

    Nat Mijat

  • Stage Manager

    Riley Jackson

  • Costume Designer

    Mary Dixon