Presented by stop drop + roll theatre company

Everything Flickers

2022.11.28 TBRT23-2285.Edit-WEB

31 Oct - 18 Nov


    Tuesday 31 October

    Wednesday 1 November

    Thursday 2 November
  • AGES


    Approx. 60min

Tell me a story

Art and storytelling transcends peoples, cultures and crises. Yet in the past decade Australia’s arts sector has suffered relentless funding cuts and a consequent cultural devaluation of arts as a career.

Through a rich tapestry of images, Everything Flickers laments what has been lost. All the while, the work searches for the unnameable resistance that spurs artists to dedicate their lives to this pursuit of beautiful expressions of pain and poignancy, nonetheless. Through installation art, dance, live music, and contemporary performance this promenade work deconstructs what it is to be an artist and reimagines it in every beautiful and depraved light.

As we fight to salvage the universal language of art, the act of finishing a sentence will become, in itself, a revolution.


**Note: This performance will take place as though you are walking through an art gallery. There will be moments you can sit, stand and walk through the performance space at your leisure. Please wear comfortable footwear and clothing. There will be fixed seating for anyone who would prefer or needs to be seated for the duration of the performance.

Image by Nicolee Fox
  • Director

    Eliza Smith

  • Producer

    Briannah Davis

  • Performer/Deviser/ Designer

    William Gammel

  • Performer/ Deviser/ Sound Design

    Nathan Calvert

  • Performer/Deviser

    Clea Purkis

  • Dramaturg Mentor

    Joe Paradise Lui

  • Publicist

    Leah Robyn

  • Sound Design Mentor

    Rebecca Riggs- Bennett

  • Stage Manager

    Delaney Burke

  • Lighting Designer

    Matt Erren