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STRUT DANCE Photo By Emma Fishwick 1

1 - 19 October


    Tuesday 1 October

    Wednesday 2 October

    Thursday 3 October

Opportunity for early-career dance artists

STRUT Dance partnership to support a presentation opportunity in The Blue Room Theatre’s 2024 Annual Season for an early-career dance maker (in first 5 years of making). The selected artist/s will present a work that has undergone at least one development or presentation in the past.  

As well as the Annual season deal and support regularly offered by TBRT, the selected early-career artist/s will also receive matched support from STRUT Dance to facilitate the presentation. Applicants must be current STRUT Members and be living and working in Western Australia for a minimum 6 of the last 12 months. Further details on The Blue Room Theatre’s 2024 Season deal and support is availablehere 

Photography by Emma Fishwick