Presented by Amri Mrisho

How The KKK Saved The Day

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30 Jan - 3 Feb

  • AGES


    75 mins

    Adult concepts, coarse language, racism, violence and death, police brutality

Over the top, satirical musical comedy

Ever wanted to join the KKK? Well now’s your chance! Join the KKK on a this hilarious adventure as Milton and the rest of the klan deal with a mix up with their town’s new priest, they were expecting to meet the Johnson family but instead they got the African !ohnson family! Will this be end for the klan, or will they realise that their differences are just skin deep? Also there’s an evil robot called RoboKKKop.  

An in your face satire that unapologetically dons its actors in whiteface, How The KKK Saved The Day is an eccentric tale of unity and hope, one that we can guarantee you’ll never forget.   

Image by Nitzan Hanin
  • Writer/Director

    Amri Mrisho

  • Producer

    Sun-Mi Clyburn

  • Producer

    Edward Holland

  • Assistant Director

    Michael McCall

  • Stage Manager/Lighting Designer/Sound Designer

    Holland Brooks

  • Publicist

    Phoebe Eames

  • Composer/Musical Director

    Suzanne Kosowitz

  • Music production/Mixing & Mastering

    Justin Norment

  • Costume Designer

    Sandy Chambers

  • Performers

    Melody Castledine
    Wilson Gilburt
    Nduta Gathoga
    Chewe Nkole
    Cyril Norment
    Justin Norment
    Mit Singh
    Jude Soussan
    Amri Mrisho
    Suzanne Kosowitz