Improv RPG

Improv RPG

21 - 24 November 2023

  • AGES


    Approx 75-85 mins

    Contains coarse language, adult themes, and descriptions of violence

Winners of the FRINGE WORLD Best Comedy (WA) Award 2023, Improv RPG is back! Over four nights they’ll be bringing you daring heroics, toe-tapping showtunes, femme fatales, bucket loads of puns, and more dice rolls than you could ever imagine.

Improv RPG presents D&D – Nov 21-22
Every night a new, self-contained adventure with a revolving cast – set in a fantasy land filled with high amounts of magic and laughter. Our OG format – perfect for D&D veterans and total novices alike.

Improv RPG presents Call of Cthulhu – Nov 23-24
A two-part story set in 1930s America – three investigators unravel a chilling mystery and try to escape with not only their lives intact but their minds too! Our new award-winning format that aims to send a shiver up your spine and a laugh to your belly at the same time.

“Improv DnD is a showcase of talent from all involved, and a must-watch for those who have a love for improv, Dungeons and Dragons, or all of the above. 9/10” – X-Press Magazine

“If you want to laugh so hard your face hurts, look no further! ★★★★☆” – Fringefeed

“They are very, very funny. Get your tickets in for next season, now. ★★★★” – Fringefeed