Presented by Chung Wah Dance Group



6 - 10 February

  • AGES

    All ages

    60 mins

Threads of identity: stories in motion.

The tension of challenging and conforming to be Chinese, Intertwine is the new dance theatre work from Chung Wah Dance Group. Poignant, angry, laugh-inducing, this work provokes the sleeping panda within all of us to discover what it means to be Chinese in today’s globalised era.

One in 7 people in Perth is Chinese. From across the world, a group of cultural dancers meet up each weekend in Chung Wah which is the oldest ethnic association in WA to practice Chinese dance. Follow their stories as they put down their paper fans, silk ribbons and painted parasols.

Intertwine is an exploration of identity in an increasingly homogenous world. Performed by non-professionals to represent the broad diaspora who live here.

Image by Dan Chui
  • Director

    Min Zhu

  • Producer

    Jen Nie Chong

  • Assistant director

    Samuel Gordon Bruce

  • Composer

    Zola Li

  • Choreographer

    Zendra Giraudo

  • Visual Designer

    Ying Chu

  • Performers

    Quie Ying Morrison
    Grace Chen
    Lok Fan
    Michelle Ko
    Mayline Woaye-Hune
    Stephanie Lee Slew
    Priscilla Yuen