Presented by Louis Spencer



7 - 11 Feb

  • Runtime

    60 mins
  • Ages


Real life is faker than wrestling

When a ten-year-old child discovers professional wrestling on television their life is suddenly overtaken by the world of suplexes and slams. It effects every part of their life until they’re left with no other choice but to become a professional wrestler themselves.

Along the journey they encounter the seedy underbelly of wrestling through an unscrupulous tag team looking for a hot angle that’s going to restart their flagging careers.  

All the while an old retired wrestler reminisces about the glory days of his career in a documentary that isn’t actually about him.

Their stories and lives are all entangled in wrestling’s alluring and inescapable head lock. This totally not ‘fake’ tale examines being a super fan gone too far and why we return to our guilty pleasures for the want of nostalgia. 

Image by Tim Green

Show contains: Wrestling style violence, some coarse language and strobe lighting
  • Writer/Director

    Louis Spencer

  • Producer

    Samantha Hortin

  • Performer

    Laura Liu
    Kylie Bywaters
    Stuart Hayward
    Matt Stuart
    Tristan McInnes

  • Costume and Prop Designer

    Phoebe Tran

  • Lighting Designer

    Jasmine Lifford

  • Dramaturg

    Andrew Sutherland