Presented by Sian Murphy

Love Letters to the Revolution

The final 2021 program is here!

5 - 23 Oct

  • AGES


    Approx. 60min

    Tuesday 5 Oct

    Wednesday 6 Oct

    Thursday 7 Oct

Strap in—change is coming

‘There’s this feeling, in my gut. Like a crackle. Makes me feel a bit sick.

Feels like it’s telling me something’s gonna happen soon.

Something’s coming—that’s what I think.’

The world around us is transforming; a revolution is simmering. Uprisings are shifting the ground we stand on, and promises don’t feel like what they used to anymore. Tucked away in a house at the bottom of a hill, electronic beats pulse through a party as we watch a kaleidoscope of moments of change. Decisions are made, conversations reveal the need to cut off all of your hair, and we realise that without noticing we have evolved from what we were to now.

Love Letters to The Revolution, written and directed by Martin Sims and PAWA nominated writer Sian Murphy, pays homage to moments of change and movements in time—big and small, together and apart.

Meet the artists!

Register now to Meet the Artists of Watch and Act + Love Letters to the Revolution in The Blue Room Bar at 8:30pm on Thursday 21 October. It’s free to attend but RSVP here to ensure yourself a spot.

Image by Duncan Wright.

Warnings: Adult themes, coarse language, loud noise, references to drugs, sexual assault and violence.
  • Writer & Director

    Sian Murphy

  • Producer

    Libby Klysz

  • Set Designer

    Rhiannon Petersen

  • Sound Designer

    Em Burrows

  • Lighting Designer

    Lucy Birkinshaw

  • Stage Manager

    Charley Newton

  • Writing Mentor

    Andrea Gibbs

  • Directing Mentor

    Clare Watson

  • Marketing & Publicity

    Erin Lockyer

  • Performers

    Marlanie Haerewa
    Elisa Williams
    Jono Battista
    Stephanie Somerville
    James McMillan