Presented by Noémie Huttner-Koros

Mother of Compost

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4–12 Feb

  • AGES



Rake what your mama gave you

Dearest compost, I am your mother and I am your child.

We live in an ecologically precarious time. Some of us don’t want to bring children into this world, others are worried their children won’t have a world to grow old into … but we’ve still got a lot of love to give. Rethink what it means to give birth and be birthed, and sing-along with us in this gooey, camp and interactive subversion of family portraits, birthing classes, baby showers and evolutionary biology.

From the minds of queer trouble-makers Noemie Huttner-Koros (The Lion Never Sleeps) and director Andrew Sutherland (small & cute oh no), Mother of Compost asks you to roll up your sleeves this Bunuru (summer)…Change only comes from getting your hands dirty.

Image by Edwin Sitt

This show includes partial nudity and sexual references.
  • Performer & Writer

    Noémie Huttner-Koros (she/her)

  • Director & Deviser

    Andrew Sutherland (he/him)

  • Producer & Dramaturg

    Sam Nerida (they/them)

  • AV Design & Photographer

    Edwin Sitt (he/him)

  • Composition & Live Sound Production

    Lyndon Blue (they/them)

  • Lighting Designer

    Jasmine Lifford (she/they)

  • Stage & Costume Design

    Molly Werner (she/her)

  • Stage Manager

    Catherine O’Donoghue (she/her)