Presented by Sabrina Hafid

Not Far from the Tree

2022.11.28 TBRT23-2833.Edit-WEB

18 Apr - 6 May

  • AGES


    Approx. 60min

    TUES 18 APR

    WED 19 APR

    THURS 20 APR

A crackling radio, warm bread, a revolution

Algeria, 1987- 18-year-old Mohammed carries his radio to the middle of the dirt road in his tiny village; the only spot with reception. The radio crackles as news of Algeria’s civil war fills the airwaves.

Walyalup, 2023- 25-year-old Sahra reluctantly sips her badly burnt, oatmilk latte as she strolls along the beach. She would ask for a refund except she doesn’t want to inconvenience anyone. There are worse things in the world right now than badly burnt coffee, right?

Written by Sabrina Hafid (Passing, Car Rides with Ahmed), and directed by Laura Liu (The Complete Show of Water Skiing), Not Far From the Tree is a semi-autobiographical storytelling experience that invites Boorloo audiences to break bread with a modern day Australian family. A warm and gentle play about family, legacy and identity.

Image by Nicolee Fox
  • Writer/Perfomer

    Sabrina Hafid

  • Producer

    Samantha Hortin

  • Director

    Laura Liu

  • Publicist

    Dureshawar Khan

  • Sound Designer

    Kieron Alford

  • Lighting Designer

    Katrina Johnston

  • Set Designer

    Nikita Bernardo

  • Stage Manager

    Ari Rahim