Presented by Stuart Bowden

Of Moonset

Of Moonset Summer Nights FRINGE WORLD 2020

28 Jan – 1 Feb


    The Blue Room Theatre
  • TIME


    60 MINS


    $29 +tf
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Heart-full moon music

World Premiere

30 candles for 30 cakes; 900 birthday candles. It was a spectacular idea, but she never arrived. The sun gets too much credit when it sets, with its fancy colour and light. This is a celebration of the other bit, of a cold, crisp departure.

He lives alone now. He woke up and climbed out of bed, but he went with his hands first. He got a new fridge delivered. He sleeps in its cardboard box. He also just discovered he can stop time. This is the latest creation by award winning FRINGE WORLD  darling Stuart Bowden; a musical feast of ethereal melancholia.

Praise for previous work:

“Masterful in its storytelling” – The West Australian (Before Us)
“A unique hour of shifting genres and stories” –  The Stage UK (Wilting in Reverse)
“Stunning” – Adelaide Advertiser (She Was Probably Not a Robot)

As part of Summer Nights at FRINGE WORLD 2020.

Image: Stuart Bowden
  • Artist

    Stuart Bowden