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Our Stories, Our Motherland

'Our Stories, Our Motherland'

1 - 2 February


    75 mins

A Magical Poetic Journey

Let’s travel through time, to where storytelling comes alive with energies, cultures and identities while flowing in unity.

This show celebrates African women, their stories, their ancestors and their heritage, bringing together diverse forms of poetry from various lived experiences and artistic backgrounds to share their work with a captivated audience. From journals to essays, poems to letters, songs to spoken words, this show allows all forms of creative freedom and embraces all artistic expressions the performers will bring.

Through the art of words, this show aims to educate, inspire, connect and challenge individuals and communities. It also provides a platform for these poets to share their unique emotions, perspectives and experiences in a safe space where their voices can be heard, appreciated and understood.

Join us for a night of poetic magic, where every word is like a summer tune, which will move and touch the soul. We invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of identity and language while sharing the joy of poetic expression. 

Image by Mohammed 'Ayo Busari'
  • Storytellers / Performers

    Abuk Lual (she/her)

    Lisa Watson (she/her)

    Nidal Saeed (a.k.a JungleOfSpells) [she/her]

    Vuma Phiri (she/they)

  • Curator / Creative Producer / Tech

    Mohammed 'Ayo Busari' (he/him)