Presented by PDA Theatre Co.

Perfect Animals

Perfect Animals_web1

19 - 27 January

  • AGES


    55 minutes

    Adults themes, coarse language and use of haze

Love, Loss and Roombas...

The Year is 2123, we don’t have flying cars, we don’t have enough money to pay rent, but we do have robot girlfriends! Join us as Adrienne navigates true love, her sisters that don’t really get it, system updates and her girlfriend turning into a Roomba… It’s Blade Runner (but gayer).

Presented by PDA Theatre Co, written by Lexie Sleet(Director Homebrand 2019, Seven Sisters) directed by Cezera Critti-Schnarrs(Co-Director Seven Sisters, 2020 Pawa awards Best Newcomer)and Liam Longley (TILT 2023, The Lavender Arrangement), Perfect Animals is an original new play about love.This is a romance for the computer age. Just don’t get your wires crossed… 

Image by Xavier Jansen
  • Writer

    Lexie Sleet

  • Director

    Cezera Critti-Schnaars

  • Co-director/Producer

    Liam Longley

  • Set Designer

    Noah Bateman

  • Lighting Designer

    Jolene Whibley

  • Sound Designer

    Ethan Bellhouse

  • Stage Manager

    Tash Erbrich

  • Peformers

    Shelby Foster
    Shelby Mckenzie
    Rebecca Haywood
    Alexia Skipper