Presented by Brent Rollins and STRUT Dance


Pipedream - 1

1 - 19 October


    Tuesday 1 October

    Wednesday 2 October

    Thursday 3 October

It’s been 1,485 days and counting.

The drought is slow and unforgiving. The landscape is drying out, water is scarce, and patience is fading. And yet two people find themselves together, doing their best to get through it. A tale of survival told through contemporary dance, Pipedream explores the ups and downs of life on the land. Inspired by real stories from rural Australia, follow the pair as they play, learn, fight, love, lose and grow. The result is a powerful duo dripping with resilience and heart.

“…In various ways, it is said that dance is the highest form of art and tonight I was able to feel that…It’s a half-hour of fluid, strong, precise movement…” – Russell Squire

Photography by Elouise Martin
  • Lead Creative / Choreographer

    Brent Rollins

  • Producer

    Elouise Martin

  • Performers

    Natassija Morrow
    Sophie Sibbons

  • Composer

    Azariah Felton