Presented by Nick Pages-Oliver & Scott McArdle

Same Time Next Week

Same Time Next Week 2 - Annual Season - Cole Baxter credit

13 - 31 August

  • AGES


    Approx. 2 hrs + interval

    Tuesday 13 August

    Wednesday 14 August

    Thursday 15 August

Laughter is the best medicine

Mark has leukaemia.  

Between chemo and his Mum moving in, he has only one wish: to play Dungeons & Dragons. Enter Drew, Digby, and Liz – his loyal friends who have no clue what they’re doing. Together they dive into the world’s most beloved game and are forced to face goblins, necromancers, sexy lizards, and their own mortality – one week at a time. 

Filled with DIY stage trickery, toe-tapping songs, and an ensemble of Perth’s best puppeteers – Same Time Next Week is a love letter to the friends we lean on and the importance of recapturing the love of play as adults. 

From the weird and wacky minds of Amberly Cull, Jackson Griggs, Nick Pages-Oliver, and Scott McArdle – this puppet musical will have you crying with laughter whether you’re a lover of D&D or a total newbie. 

Photography by Cole Baxter
  • Co-Producer / Puppetry Director / Performer

    Nick Pages-Oliver

  • Co-Producer / Writer (Book & Lyrics) / Director

    Scott McArdle

  • Puppetry Director / Performer

    Amberly Cull

  • Composer / Musical Director / Musician (Piano)

    Jackson Griggs

  • Designer

    Bryan Woltjen

  • Performer

    Courtney Henri
    Tristan McInnes
    Daniel Buckle

  • Musician (Violin)

    Emily Gelineau

  • Lighting Designer

    Kristie Smith

  • Publicist

    Ali Welburn