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Sensing Humour

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25 August

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    A live stream of this conversation will happen on The Blue Room Theatre Facebook page

    A podcast of the conversation will be released on 27 August, head here then for to access it.
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Sensing humour – life as a laughter boss

A discussion at the intersection of humour, health and wellbeing. This conversation will provide insight into the creative practice of humour from an actors point of view, speaking with creatives who provide an act of service for vulnerable and seriously ill people to provide mental health and wellness benefits, and relieve pain and suffering.

You can tune in live on The Blue Room Theatre Facebook at 6pm on 25 August, or stream the podcast of the conversation at the end of the same week.

What is your conversation about and what happens?

Sensing Humour investigates the idea of the use of comedy in various forms to support families affected by illness and hospital stays. I will be interviewing Humour Factory ‘Clown Doctors’ and Starlight Foundation ‘Captains’ in a broadcast/podcast from The Blue Room Theatre Bar.

How are you developing your conversation?

I will be researching narrative and physical comedy strategies, and how these are applied by Captains and Clowns. I’ll be working with Andrea Gibbs to formulate an interview script and get gold and deep insights into this field of work. My main exploration will focus on the evidence of laughter as a form of healing, and the impact of humour on health and wellbeing.

What are you excited about in this project, and what are you hoping to get out of it?

I am excited to hear the stories and experiences of Clown and Captains who work in different contexts and backgrounds. I think it’s important to share stories that celebrate performance and encourage wellbeing. I’m excited to bring people from different cultural backgrounds together to talk about what their journeys share, and how they differ.

What are you exploring?

I am exploring the relationship between creatives in a hospital setting using humour, connection and creative play to enhance the wellbeing of sick people. I want to look at the strength of individual performers and how they apply humour in their work to assist in the health and wellbeing of others. What effort does it take to make sick people laugh, relax, reduce anxiety and fear?

What will we experience?

The audience will hear stories and learn about the intersectionality of performance, humour and wellbeing. I am hoping they are going to laugh and feel moved and have an appreciation of the work artists do to help bring happiness to people who are sick and vulnerable. The audience will have an increased knowledge and appreciation of the complex nature and challenges of working as Clown Doctors and Captains.

Who are you talking too?

To be confirmed:
Clown Doctors: Derek Nannup
Captain Starlights: Jo Morris

A conversation, mentored by Andrea Gibbs, as part of Winter Nights 2020
Supported by Minderoo Foundation

Image of Barbara Hostalek. Shot by Duncan Wright