Presented by Crash Theatre Co.

Sisterhood of the Travelling Lighter

Crash Theatre Co - Sisterhood of the Travelling Lighter

16 May - 3 Jun 2023

  • AGES


    Mild coarse language, drug use, smoking, sexual references and themes surrounding mental health and eating disorders. Use of smoke/haze. 

    Approx. 60min

    Tues 16 May

    Wed 17 May

    Thurs 18 May

To the friendships that raise us

From lighting the overpriced scented candle that they all chipped in for, to burning a piece of paper with their exes’ name on it, these women have done it together.

‘Sisterhood of the Travelling Lighter’ is a vibrant, messy, heartfelt show for anyone who’s grown up with the girls they met in the first year of high school. Four women on the cusp of graduating indulge in a trip down memory lane (quite literally) to retrace the landmarks of their friendship. Grappling with finding their place in the world, they lean on each other whilst also coming to terms with what is driving them apart.

Brought to you by a killer creative team dedicated to imaginative storytelling through a distinctly female, queer lens. Experience the unique feelings of growing up with the women you couldn’t live without.

Meet the Artists

Join us on Wednesday 24 May for a post-show Q&A, kicking off around 8pm. All welcome.

Image by Nicolee Fox
  • Creative Producer

    Ana Ferreira Manhoso

  • Writer/Director

    Hannah Quaden

  • Writer/Performer

    Courtney McManus

  • Director

    Ella Cooke

  • Performers

    Shannon Rogers
    Clea Purkis
    Stella Banfield

  • Production Assistant

    Rachel Porter

  • Production Designer

    Megan Mak

  • Stage Manager

    Orla Poole

  • Technical Manager

    Bec Price

  • Marketing Coordinator

    Lea Simic