Presented by Greyscale Theatre Company



19 - 27 January

  • AGES


    55 mins

    Adult themes including mild coarse language and mentions of sexual assault

Stand back, it's gonna get wet

Juicy couture. French tips. Tackiness. Welcome to the set of SplashZone’s latest porn shoot. With the rise of smartphones and free internet porn, the market is changing and paid audiences are dwindling. To make ends meet, the glamorous chaos of SplashZone’s adult film team embark on a desperate journey into the world of reality TV, blurring the lines between authenticity and entertainment.

SplashZone is a daring lovechild of Writer Sharni Andersson and Creative Simonne Matthews born out of a desire for commentary and conversation surrounding the ever-growing industry of adult film. SplashZone explores authenticity in the industry and the sacrifices made to make it all happen.

Image by Sarah Gelmi
  • Producer

    Simonne Matthews

  • Writer/Director

    Sharni Andersson

  • Stage Manager

    Holland Brooks

  • Dramaturge

    Mazey O’Reilly

  • Sound & AV Designer

    Jon Hoey

  • Lighting Designer

    Jolene Whibley

  • Intimacy Coordinator

    Rhi Bryan

  • Performers

    Amber Gilmour
    Mitchell Walley
    Sophia Kenna
    Zoe Smith