Presented by Jo Cooper

Sweaty Girlz

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30 Jan - 3 Feb

  • AGES


    45 mins

    Coarse language, references to violence, partial nudity

Sweat? Our currency. Sass? Your salvation.

Strut into Sweaty Girlz, Boorloo’s hot new oink-a-licious fast-fashion retailer! Here, clothing isn’t just style, it’s your chance to werk it without breaking the piggy bank. Sweat? It’s our currency. Sass? It’s your salvation.

Our store? It’s a safe space for self-expression, where basic becomes boujee and fashion is a fierce celebration of Y-O-U. Join our piggy family. OINK OINK!

Zendra Giraudo, Marli Jupiter and Jo Cooper star in this sweat-soaked dance theatre spectacle. See mannequins come to life and spill their tea. Showgirls shimmy, twirl and walk the fine line of the trend tightrope. But slay with caution, this glimpse behind the curtain has more in store than these three little piggies bargained for.

(Show begins in bar then travels to KAOS room and involves audience participation.)


Image by Lara Dorling
  • Choreographer/performer/devisor

    Jo Cooper

  • Performer/Devisor

    Marli Jupiter

  • Performer/Devisor

    Zendra Giraudo

  • Producer

    Lara Dorling

  • Composer/Sound Design

    Liam Downey

  • Dramaturg

    Tom Mullane

  • Stage Manager/Lighting Design

    Holland Brooks

  • Set Design

    Julie Ziegenhardt

  • Mentor

    Alexa Taylor