Presented by Michelle Hall

The Dirty Mother

Dirty Mother Summer Nights Fringe World 2020

17 Jan – 23 Jan


    The Blue Room Theatre
  • TIME

    5.30pm 17 & 19 Jan
    6.30pm 18 & 21 – 23 Jan

    60 MINS


    $25 +tf
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A post-punk, post-natal descent story

West Australian
World Premiere

The story of birth is all of our story, and it’s the one we’re not supposed to tell. The Dirty Mother is a graphic, physical comedy; an epic and true adventure of one woman’s not-so-golden initiation into motherhood.

Featuring Yummy Mummy Yoga, Hugh Grant for a birth partner and the Royal Family watching on, this is a cosmic mass with the Goddess that guffaws one moment and devastates the next.  Set in a post-natal Underworld of big hopes and big pants and steeped in live guitar and a sublime montage of memory, join Michelle as she embarks on the mystery of where her ‘self’ has gone and how she will recover it, in this bodacious tale of life and reinvention.

“…it’s got everything, agony and ecstasy, anger and comedy, the promise of life and the danger of death.” – SeeSaw Magazine, 2019

As part of Summer Nights at FRINGE WORLD 2020.

Image: Megan Hyde
  • Writer/Director/Performer

    Michelle Hall

  • Co-Director

    Danielle Cresp

  • Co-Director

    Alexa Taylor

  • Musician/Performer

    Cissi Guitar Demon

  • Digital Visual Artist

    Megan Hyde

  • Collaborator

    Susie Conte

  • Collaborator

    Liz Skitch

  • Digital Visual Artist

    Georgi Ivers

  • Publicist

    Asha Kiani

  • Stage Manager/Tech Operator

    Katie Moore