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The Feast and the Famine

Conversations 03 Georgi Ivers

13 August


    A podcast of the conversation will be released on 14 August. Available on iTunes and Spotify

The starving artist

An exploration of financial security and long-term financial thinking while working in the arts. It will create more awareness of the projected economic future for people beginning their practice; discuss the financial journeys of established artists; and promote critical thinking, real-talk and self-education.

Podcast available now on iTunes and Spotify

What is your conversation about and what happens?

The Feast and the Famine (TFTF) is a podcast for emerging artists exploring long-term financial survival. Each episode, we will tackle a new topic; share research and resources; and hear some hard-won wisdom from established artists. In our pilot episode, we’ll be looking at the psychology of money.

How are you developing your conversation?

For TFTF’s development, we’ll be talking to experts and talking to newbies. We’ll be going through ATO-approved statistics, and the best financial advice your mum ever gave you. Audiences can stay up-to-date and share their questions and thoughts with us on Instagram at @feastnfaminepodcast.

What are you excited about in this project, and what are you hoping to get out of it?

I’m excited for some frank conversations about this issue. I hope that hearing how other artists approach their finances will broaden our horizons and survival capacities! We’ll start where we can make a difference immediately: by understanding our own psychological relationships with money.

What are you exploring?

The way we think about money stems from childhood. Telling someone to “save better” isn’t enough – especially when they’re just scraping by. Understanding ourselves and our behaviours, however, can be a big step towards more conscious and strategic decision making.

What will we experience?

Listening to this podcast is an opportunity to learn about yourself, our industry, and what people have done before you. Together, we’ll take steps towards becoming more financially literate. There’s no magic cure to money woes – but there’s a tonne of value in knowing you’re not alone.

Who are you talking too?

Right now, TFTF is a one-woman team, consisting of Boorloo/Perth-based theatre-maker and media artist Georgi Ivers, under the fabulous mentorship of comedian, actress and radio presenter Andrea Gibbs, and generously supported by The Blue Room Theatre.

A conversation, mentored by Andrea Gibbs, as part of Winter Nights 2020
Supported by Minderoo Foundation

Image of Georgi Ivers. Shot by Duncan Wright