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The Late Great Andrew Tate

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6 - 10 February

  • AGES


    70 mins

    Adult themes including coarse language, sexual reference, violence, smoking, religious satire, transphobia, misogyny and use of flashing light and smoke/haze

You wanna be on Top, G?

Andrew Tate is brutally dismembered for his crimes, and his followers flee. Cut to 150 years later… 

There are no bugattis or bitches to be found underground. All the Taters have left are ancient tweetings of Tates wisdom, while the surface world has been overrun with monstrous queers and feminazis. But a new king must rise, (to the Top), and show them all what it means to be a man. 

Tate loyalist ‘Gym’ embarks on a hero’s journey for the ages to take back the surface world and become the next Top G in this biting satire on toxic masculinity. Light your cigars, chug your sparkling water and rev that Ferrari; a perilous journey lies ahead.  

From the team that brought you Bad Feminist; The Late Great Andrew Tate brings “the dark to light with comedic flair and social resonance” – Nanci Nott, Arts Hub. 

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Image by Andrea Lim
  • Writer/Stage Manager

    Abi Russell

  • Writer/Sound Designer

    Leisl Lucerne-Knight

  • Director

    George Ashforth

  • Producer/Lighting Designer

    Holland Brooks

  • Set Designer

    Gus O’Keeffe

  • Performers

    James Brooks (he/him)
    Nicholas Allen (he/him)
    Jake Battle (he/him)
    Rebecca Collin (she/her)
    Ella Peeters (she/they)
    Lily Baitup (she/her)