Presented by Görkem Acaroğlu

The Mermaid’s Table

Mermaid WEB 1

6 - 10 February

  • AGES


    60 mins

    strobe lights

The spiraling of four women’s dreams

Enter the spiralling world of The Mermaid’s Table where remnants of Margaret Atwood and Becket collide. Set just around the corner in time and space, where human desperation accumulates and betrayals loom, molluscs, arthropods and other beings reside. This play of interwoven realities explores the endurance of dreams as characters resist disintegration. 

A woman is abandoned when her daughter vacates a besieged city, and her radio becomes her portal to a secret world. A group of dissidents debate the best use of a table. A mother searches for her missing daughter. A teenager dyes her hair mermaid-blue in a town where the expression of alternative identities is forbidden 

Image courtesy of Görkem Acaroğlu
  • Writer

    Kit Lazaroo

  • Director

    Görkem Acaroğlu

  • Sound Designer

    Kirri Buchler

  • Lighting Designer

    Hayley Smith

  • Production Designer/ Stage Manager

    Megan Mak

  • Social Media

    Lea Simic

  • Performers

    Hayley Perrin
    Vivienne Glance
    Ramiah Alcantara
    Asha Cornelia Cluer