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The River of Grace

The River of Grace

27 Oct - 14 Nov

  • AGES


    70 Mins

Desi drama with laughs and magic

Due to COVID-19 this production has been postponed. We hope to bring it to our stages at a later date. Please view our online brochure here.

Based on the fragrant story of the smelliest man in India, The River of Grace is a new Australian play by Patrick White award-nominee Vernon Pua.

Balakrishnan has forgone washing for decades, since his Swami has decreed that he will only conceive sons by avoiding water. His wife Lakshmi desperately tries to have him wash by seducing a politician, sharing a deep confession and manipulating a sacred river.

This fable-like tragi-comedy is set in Goa and performed in the style of the Malayan pantoum. It explores how woman are shackled by the traditions of society, and must be resourceful to free themselves, even now in the twenty-first century…a big innovative play about love, denial, politics, magic, and gender power balance.

Image: Duncan Wright

Please view our online brochure here.

  • Director

    Jay Emmanuel

  • Dramaturg/Producer

    Phil Thomson

  • Actors

    Kali Srinivasan, Isha Sharvani

  • Composer/Musician

    Pavan Hari

  • Playwright

    Vernon Pua

  • Stage Manager

    Shaun Johnston