Presented by Renegade Productions

The Ugly

WEB1 Landscape

8–12 Feb

  • AGES



The Good and the very, very Bad

Cowboy plays guitar, Showgirl takes off clothes. One’s unwanted sexual attention is another’s forlorned fantasy. The air is thick and heavy; both are about to get ugly.

Tongues, teeth and personal preferences clash in this full frontal look at our desires. With nothing but a G-string and a six string, Joe Paradise Lui (Enlightenment, Death Throes) and Phoebe Sullivan (Beginning At The End [Of Capitalism]) pick apart and strip bare the difficult questions that surround how and why we desire what we desire. Lean in close and watch this Burlesque-Cabaret duo go down on all the confusion and complexity that comes with being gendered, racial bodies that sometimes just want to -f**k-.

Image by Daniel James Grant

Content inclusions for this show are listed below. You can find further descriptions and examples of what these content warnings mean at our Additional Content Information page, here.

This show includes sexual references including kink and BDSM; nudity; coarse language and adult concepts. There are references to lived experiences of race and gendered violence. Smoke machine/hazer and strobe lighting are used.
  • Deviser & Performer

    Joe Paradise Lui (He/Him/Y'all)
    Phoebe Sullivan (She/Her)

  • Choreographer

    Bobby Russell (She/They)

  • Costume Designer

    Nicole Marrington (She/Her)