Presented by Renegade Productions

The Ugly

WEB1 Landscape

8–12 Feb

  • AGES



The Good and the very, very Bad

Cowboy plays guitar, Showgirl takes off clothes. One’s unwanted sexual attention is another’s forlorned fantasy. The air is thick and heavy; both are about to get ugly.

Tongues, teeth and personal preferences clash in this full frontal look at our desires. With nothing but a G-string and a six string, Joe Paradise Lui (Enlightenment, Death Throes) and Phoebe Sullivan (Beginning At The End [Of Capitalism]) pick apart and strip bare the difficult questions that surround how and why we desire what we desire. Lean in close and watch this Burlesque-Cabaret duo go down on all the confusion and complexity that comes with being gendered, racial bodies that sometimes just want to -f**k-.

Image by Daniel James Grant

  • Deviser & Performer

    Joe Paradise Lui (He/Him/Y'all)
    Phoebe Sullivan (She/Her)

  • Choreographer

    Bobby Russell (She/They)

  • Costume Designer

    Nicole Marrington (She/Her)