Presented by West Australian Academy of Performing Arts

TILT — 2020 #1


3 — 4 September

The start of something new

TILT is the culmination of three years of training in the Bachelor of Performing Arts – Performance Making course. It represents a chance for students to take full responsibility for their creative process and decisions. They benefit from dialogue with WAAPA staff and industry mentors at certain points in the process, but ultimately take control of the work themselves. This is a huge undertaking at this early stage of their careers. So thank you for being the first audience for this new batch of performance-makers.

In response to the current climate, the students have adapted and embraced the evolving ways in which work can be created, developed and produced. We are thrilled to be able to present this work at The Blue Room Theatre in 2020.

Program A

Dishonourable Women
‘Where you from?’
Ask Again Tomorrow
The Moments Inbetween

Running Thursday 3 September – Friday 4 September

Each TILT program runs for approximately 120 minutes including an intermission.

Image: Henry Boles, Pia Husbands Eloise Martin and David Stewart