Presented by Holland Brooks


Unnatural 1 - Annual Season - Cole Baxter credit 2

5 - 23 November

  • AGES


    Approx. 80 mins

    Tuesday 5 November

    Wednesday 6 November

    Thursday 7 November

Australian Gothic meets queer revolution.

A child discovers a two-headed goat.

A mother gives birth to a squid.

A teenager inherits the spirit of an ancient lake creature.

A preteen sells their disabled sibling’s heartbeat to fetishists on the dark web.

A famous writer becomes a snail.

A priest-in-training resurrects Jesus. He’s real, He’s really here, and He’s really, really hot.

And we haven’t even touched the weird stuff yet.

Unnatural unravels the transformative experience of queerness by traveling through six journeys of metamorphosis. From the Eldritch to the evangelical, Holland Brooks’ playwrighting debut rips open the Australian Gothic to paint a visual story of queer reckoning, redemption, and reclamation.

Sometimes the experience of queerness demands a haunted house. 


Unnatural was developed in collaboration with Antipodes Theatre Company, Melbourne, Australia (Brandon Pape, Artistic Director & Cameron Steens, New Work Manager).

Unnatural was developed in collaboration with WAYTCO as part of their 24 Hour Play Generator and 40 Hour Play Generator projects (James Berlyn, Artistic Director).

Photography by Cole Baxter
  • Writer

    Holland Brooks

  • Director

    Andrew Sutherland

  • Set Designer

    Cherish Marrington

  • Lighting Designer

    Jasmine Lifford

  • Sound Designer

    Abi Russell

  • Performer

    Gabriel Critti-Schnaars
    Jess Moyle