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Utopia_Web Event

8–12 Feb

  • AGES



Horror of war, hope of freedom

Utopia is a  collection of unreliable narratives from Afghanistan where daily life is madness and only dreams of escape to paradise give hope.

Afghani writer and director Amir Musavi presents his first Australian work. Experimental and experiential, Utopia cuts across borders and cultures, repeating difficult events to find a solution.

Stagger into a minefield. See siblings demand the ultimate sacrifice. Watch a terrorist fall in love. Marvel as families embark on dangerous journeys to escape a hellish life.

Lit by torches, voiced by diverse actors… it’s complex, thrilling and not for the fainthearted.

Image by Brian Liau

  • Writer & Director

    Amir Musavi

  • Producer

    Phil Thomson

  • Performer

    Shirley van Sanden
    Adil Abdelmagid
    Brian Liau
    Rhianna Abu Lashin
    Sreekanth Gopalakrishnan