Presented by Marli Jupiter


slug website round 2

6 - 10 February

  • AGES


    45 mins

    Adult themes including partial nudity, suicide and gender dysphoria, sexual themes including descriptions of sex acts, sexually explicit choreography, mentions of non consensual and violent sex and use of strobe lighting

50 giga-slimes of high-speed connection

Inside the dynamic mycelial network of cyberspace, three slimed up sex clowns work their way through every crevice, corner, and moist crack of the internet. Experiencing the highs and lows of their online and offline connection, our queer-coded clowns uncover the links between biology and information technology.   

Digital and organic landscapes tile the stage in a projection extravaganza, this epic journey sees our clowns:

Surf lonely reddit threads
Hack and slash through pop-up jungles
Battle the heat of dick-pic deserts
and wrestle a way forward for our species in the face of mass ecological catastrophe

Does the climate crisis coincide with the sexual crisis? Diving deep enough to find answers is gonna need a lot of lube.

Initial concept developed at Kiss Club 2023 with support of Propel Youth Arts WA, pvi collective and Midland Junction Centre. 


Additional show information
Image by Emmason Tucker
  • Director/Devisor

    Marli Jupiter

  • Producer/Performer/Devisor

    Rhiannon Bryan

  • Performer/Devisor

    Leisl Lucerne-Knight

  • Performer/Devisor

    Jo Cooper

  • AV Design

    Emmason Tucker

  • Set/Lighting Design

    William Gammel

  • Dramaturg

    Andrew Sutherland

  • Stage Manager

    Delaney Burke