Season 2020: Moving Forward

What a year 2020 has been. Below is the essential information of the remainder of the season and what will happen going forward in the rest of the year.

Where We Are 

To date, COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in many of our planned productions  being unable to develop or perform their work as intended. Physical distancing rules continue to have a severe impact on the viability of both our productions and our venue’s operations. 

As a result of the ongoing disruption of the pandemic, and current challenges we face in successfully re-opening, we have made the decision that the entirety of our 2020 Season will no longer go ahead as programmed.  

We are instead, offering a new opportunity to all sixteen season shows to re-conceive their productions under a revised programming offer. 

Our Revised Program  

This new program offer for season artists considers current restrictions and will ensure that any shows that are going ahead can do so even if physical distancing remains in its current form. The Blue Room Theatre will work with interested season artists to develop Covid Safety plans and procedures for their productions.  

Although we continue to see restrictions lifting, to give our season artists the adequate creative lead time that quality live performance requires, we are committing to this new program structure for the rest of the year, with the best case scenario being that productions will perform to a higher audience number than is currently anticipated. 

All programmed projects that do not take up the opportunity to re-conceive their presentation in 2020 can redeem the opportunity to be re-programmed in 2021. Artists will also be invited to undertake an exclusive-use residency in the Kaos Room to further develop their season show and to use the originally distributed $2000 production seed fund on development.   

What’s Next 

As a result of this re-programming process, all season shows are no longer on sale. All purchased tickets for the remainder of the 2020 season will be refunded through their purchasing method.  

We will advise you of any re-scheduled public presentations as soon as creatives have had time to consider the new offer. 

Once we have allocated rehearsal space to our core season artists for residencies, we will review our safety procedures before reopening rehearsal rooms to outside hires and members for general use.  

More Performance Coming Soon

We are currently finalising the programming for our mid-year experimental season Winter Nights. Within the festival’s focus on the creative process, alongside physical distancing rules, this program will be delivered largely remotely across the month of August. We will have further information to you about the program in coming weeks with the full program announcement going out to you in mid-late July.