Subscriptions in 2019

Book ahead and save your hard-earned cash

With a new, full year of season programming, we’ve adapted our subscriptions model to suit. With 14 shows to choose from across the year, we know it’s hard to commit to them all. Instead, you can purchase a flexi-subscription of any six to eight shows and save on the price of your ticket. Select your shows, and choose your own nights. Browse the full April – December season or get the quick rundown below, and curate the perfect package for yourself.


$150 for six shows, $200 for eight. Tickets here


$120 for six shows, $160 for eight. Tickets here

If you want to get into Members’ Nights, then you can lock in one or both of our Complete Works volumes. As well as the savings, you’ll be part of our community and be welcomed at our Members’ Night held in the first week of every show. Expect tasty bites and cheap drinks before and after the show.

Volume 1

$120 for the first six productions. Tickets here

Volume 2

$160 for the last eight productions. Tickets here

Follow the links above to purchases these packages online, or phone us on (08) 9227 7005 and we’ll gladly help you out. For a quick rundown of all of our shows, head below.


The Double, Bow & Dagger | 23 April – 11 May

A new cyber-gothic play where an actress sells her likeness to a tech company, The Double is a Faustian nightmare for the modern age. It examines the intersection between technology, vanity, and flesh-and-blood and using cutting edge live technology

Death Throes, Croft, Gillies & Lui | 30 April – 18 May

A perverse performance party in the void, post-truth, post-power, destroying myths and rebuilding the world. From New Zealand’s Julia Croft (Power Ballad) Sydney’s Harriet Gillies (They’ve Already Won) and Perth’s Joe Lui (I Am My Own Wife, Unveiling).

Miss Westralia, Blonde Moment Theatre | 21 May – 8 June

When a Geraldton girl is crowned the unlikely winner of the first Miss Australia competition, she becomes a celebrity overnight. Do the Charleston from outback Australia to the roaring cities of the USA to uncover this untold piece of local history in a new Australian musical.

Unrule, Hey! Precious | 28 May – 15 June

A new work that teases apart our complicated relationships with feminine bodies. Inspired by true tales of body horror, an ensemble of women face their fears in a surreal spectacle that is as hilarious as it is horrifying.

See You Next Tuesday, Static Drive Co | 18 June – 6 July

A comedy born from all the things that Dolly Doctor never taught you, this touching new work is hot off the press and bursting with attitude. Sex, drugs ‘n’ fractions; it’s girl-talk on a whole new level, tackling all things puberty and love.

Floor Thirteen, Marshall Stay | 25 June – 13 July

Movement, aesthetics and technology collide to distort reality and make you second guess everything you see. Nothing is safe; it’s a thrilling, mysterious manipulation with one woman and all the spooks her mind can conjure.

The Apparatus, Humphrey Bower | 13 August – 31 August

Three stories by master of the macabre Franz Kafka explore the twists and turns of legal limbo, border paranoia, and offshore detention and torture. This visceral new work by one of Perth’s leading devisor-performers will make you feel the horror of what lies on our doorstep.

The Wolves, Red Ryder Productions | 20 August – 7 September

Lace up for the WA premiere of the Pulitzer Prize nominated play that’s kicking goals on stages across the globe. The Wolves are a soccer-playing pack of adolescent girl power, coached by the team that brought you Grounded.

Two Canaries, Alexa Taylor | 10 September – 28 September

The canaries have gone quiet. Catastrophe is here. This is a personal, poetic, and ridiculous expedition into the known world of climate change as you haven’t known it before, blending music, performance and film in a requiem for a melting world.

I Feel Fine, public service announcement | 1 October – 19 October

It’s time to shake off climate-shame, sing, dance, pray, and sip a little wheatgrass. Say goodbye to the urban monotony of everyday life and experience a pop-gospel extravaganza that will leave you reborn.

Sharbat, Third Culture Kids | 24 October – 2 November

Shaz, Batty and Roo Gül are three sisters estranged and with little in common except their Muslim heritage and mistrust of one another. Sharbat is a heartwarming examination of sibling relationships, family bonds and the power of forgiveness.

Cephalopod, Squid Vicious | 29 October – 16 November

Part confessional, part identity instructional. Cephalopod is a tentacular mess of Blue Planet homages, Little Mermaid drag-retellings, karaoke bangers and work-out routines. A mess that asks: what does a Filipina sacrifice in order to survive a new life in Australia?

Playthings, Second Chance Theatre | 5 November – 23 November

From the award-winning Second Chance Theatre (Laika: A Staged Radio Play), Playthings is an unflinching portrayal of violence, trauma, and abuse in Australian suburbia. It’s a hark back to your teenage years in an ode to being young, dumb, and angry.

BANG! BANG!, Elstermann & Erskine | 26 November – 14 December

Be swept into The Grand Budapest Hotel in a visually striking crime caper, and fascinated by tales of true crime and love: gunshots at a ball, evil stepmothers and town gossip. Reconsider what you thought you knew about contemporary dance.