A magazine documenting performance making in Western Australia during Covid-19 pandemic

2020 has been a bit of a “Woah!” year in all facets of life, affecting everyone’s day to day in one way or another. Even though Western Australia has been ‘lucky’ thus far of in keeping Covid-19 cases low and out of the state, it’s still drastically changed performance for our artists and for our audiences.

Winter Nights is our season of experimentation and new ideas – a program that allows artists to forge new ideas concepts, play with their form, and experiment with their process. We decided it was essential for us to document this time and publish it as a physical time stamp of what was happening in theatre during Covid-19 in our home state.

In December this year we published our first (and probably our last) magazine titled ‘Winter in the Wings’, a 124 page glossy piece of documentation.

The magazine features photography in the homes of some of our Winter Nights artists, some casual interviews, essays, excerpts from scripts in development, and an essay from our 2020 artist in residence Emma Valente (THE RABBLE).

We will be printing a mere 500 copies. Due to the scale of the project we’ve subsidised the magazine as much as possible to make it affordable. Each issue will be $10 each and includes free post and handling within Australia.
You can also pop in during office hours to buy one from Scott at the box office or purchase at the bar after seeing a show.

First in, first served when it comes to this one, team – so get on it!

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Winter In The Wings