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Salted Pretzels

2022.11.28 TBRT23-1401.Edit-WEB

3 - 21 Oct

  • AGES


    Approx. 65min

Not here for hookups

You know the rules. Boy meets girl. They go on a date. Fall in love. Hit a slight speed bump. Work it out. And then live happily ever after. Everything moving easily into place.

Turns out, real life isn’t a rom-com and love isn’t always enough to keep things on the straight and narrow. In a world where so much depends on who knows who and most importantly, whose heart beats for who, sometimes the most enduring love stories come from the messiest of meetings.

Cassius meets Dom (online, that is). They click. They go on a date. Everything shifts into place… Or it would, if there weren’t two extra people at the table.

This heart-busting modern celebration of identity, self-discovery and authenticity interrogates the complexities of falling in love at the messiest of times.

Image by Nicolee Fox
  • Writer/Performer

    Cezera Critti-Schnaars

  • Director

    Emily McLean

  • Dramaturg

    Kate Mulvany

  • Producer/Publicist

    Amber Kitney

  • Stage Manager

    Catherine O'Donoghue

  • Performers

    Pavan Kumar Hari
    Tristan McInnes

  • Sound Designer

    Jess Nyanda Moyle

  • Lighting Designer

    Jolene Whibley